Friday, May 09, 2008

Weaving Wednesday


What a silly notion. :o)

My weaving has been ignored even though I have had a warped loom sitting around just waiting for a row or two to be worked in stolen moments. In my last post about weaving you can see the loom warped and ready for stolen moments in the background of the pic. Only 8 rows more have been done....sigh.

On Wednesday this pass week I did have a few stolen moments from the dance with Mr. migraine but not the strength needed for rug square weaving, and I wanted something else to do other than Big Red. For a while now I've been trying to figure out what the colorplay would be in two color squares with the color changes at different intervals in the process. I used a 2 inch weave-it and floss for my experiment, after six two inch squares I had sufficiently used up the stolen moments and was back to Big Red and dancing, but I digress. Here are the six tiny squares.

To those of you who are real weavers please forgive my lame explanations and misuse of terms here, and bear in mind I'm only trying to describe the process I used on a tiny weave-it.

Lets boil down the weave-it how-to in it's simplest, when using a weave-it there are 3 warp threads and one weft. These are a few of the results when changing the color of the warps and weft:
Square 1: obviously all the warps and the weft were purple.
Square 2: all 3 warps were purple and the weft was yellow.
Square 3: warps 1 and 2 were purple, warp 3 was yellow and the weft was yellow
Square 4: warp 1 was purple, warps 2 and 3 were yellow and the weft was yellow
Square 5: all warps and the weft were yellow
Square 6: warps 1 and 3 were purple, warp 2 and the weft were yellow

Here's a closer shot for the 6th clue where it went...oops!
But it was, as you can see in the other pic, what you'd typically expect colorplay-wise from a simple tabby weave with the warp in one color and the weft in another.

Rug Square update:
If I ever get the square that has been sitting in the loom done I guesstimate I have enough fiber for two more green squares and then onward to the reds and pinks!

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