Friday, May 09, 2008

Big Red

I've been dancing not a lot has been going on around the Hermitage of late. There have been several days lost. I grabbed moments here and there and did manage to get some fibery stuff done. I think I'm going to make several posts today instead of one huge catching up post.

When I wasn't comatose I've been knitting on Big Red.

Care to guess what Big Red might be?? It is 56 inches in diameter, (I didn't count the stitches) and so far 18 inches deep. Totally mindless knitting around and around and around, the ultimate dancin' knittin'. I haven't decided how deep I'll actually go but I've got enough red to go another 6 inches or so, I might change colors and go bigger, we'll see. I'm using #10.5 needles with 3 strands, 2 worsted wt. on dk wt. The fabric being created is very dense and heavy. The yarn can only be called yarn, IMHO, due to the fact that it is linear in nature and composed of fibers twisted together. "String-like sandpaper" would be a better name name for this material.

Nope, it's not a gaiter for the Jolly Green Giant, although the color would be lovely on him. Nope, it's not a sanding belt for an industrial sized belt sander, although it would work I'm sure of it.

Bennie has figured it out and has laid claim.

Big Red will eventually be a cat cave/tunnel/igloo(?). Ben has loooong out grown the cat bed I made but still tries to snuggle down in to it. He has loooong out grown laying in wait in empty soda cases to swipe at unsuspecting dogs that just might wander by. He needs a place to call his own that he can squeeze all 20+ pounds into, thus Big Red.

At this point it is just big tube, how it will progress from here is still up in the air, all I know right now is that it needs to be bigger, much bigger for my much bigger cat.

FYI it is official. Ben knows how to open the sliding screen door without fail. Is that normal?? Do you think I could teach him how to close it? :o)

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