Friday, May 09, 2008

Bias Tank II

Right before this last dance marathon I began working on another Bias Tank. You can find the pattern here. Yes, it's another Drops pattern, (#81-27) what can I say. I LOVE this pattern. Easy. Quick. Great Fit. This is one of only a handful of patterns I've ever done more than once AND I didn't modify!!! Yep, you heard that right, this is straight from the pattern. Um, it is so far, I think the pattern actually calls for shaping on the back at the shoulders that I kinda skip and work the back just like the front.

I'm not sure if it was the Knitting Goddess or the Stash Genie who was messing with me on this one. I was dancing and then comatose before I could give the matter much thought, regardless of who the trickster is the outcome is the same...I'm screwed.

I'm making this top with three yarns. I've got plenty of two of them, the third (the bottom left in the pic below) is the problem child.

It's not a huge problem, I've had worse, but it is frustrating nonetheless. The two yarns I have plenty of really do carry the bulk of the look and the other is merely there for blending and beefing up the gauge. The fact that whatever I find to take it's place could be use entirely for the other front/back helps in that hopefully the difference between front and back wouldn't be that noticeable, but like I said it is still a PITA. The yarn in question is/was the last tiny bit from a cone of cobweb wt. 2 ply that is loosely plied, with a crinkled texture. It is a wool blend of some sort with a sheen to it. It is an estate sale find, and prob'ly older than me. Like I said, I'm little bit screwed. lol

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