Friday, May 09, 2008

Vintage Sloper 1303

I have begun working on this dress pattern.

Nothing to show you though. I've pulled 4 different fabrics from stash (yes my fabric stash nearly as large as my yarn stash) and have washed and ironed them, I just haven't decided which one yet. I've also already made the dress in some random broadcloth to make sure of fit. I LOVE vintage patterns they fit me sooooo well. No matter what size I get in new patterns I always have tons of adjustments to make, but not so with patterns from the 40's and 50's. I guess all woman back then were freakishly short waisted with tiny rib cages, it's nice to know I was "normal" once. :o)

The sloper was not made without troubles sorry to say. I was pushing it. I really wasn't fit to be up and around but couldn't look at the ceiling in my bedroom any longer. I also figured what the hell, it's only a sloper who cares if the seams are slightly wonky cuz I can't see straight and the zipper catches a bit. Besides, I had just gotten an invitation to a Garden Party for my Aunt's 90th B-day. Could there have been a greater incentive?!? I think not.

The first of trials and tribulations began with me not able to read my own tape measure, what I was thoroughly convinced was 4 yds of a random "throw-a-way broadcloth" was only slightly more than 3 yards. I realized this after I had already cut out 6 of the eight gores. Oops, had to find more fabric in same weight...I kinda sorta did. I won't go into details regarding how many times I burned myself with the iron and not just fingertips, and forearm mind you but my tummy as well...don't ask. And I'll skip the part where my foot was filleted by falling scissors and how I snipped 3 inches of length off my own hair or how I sliced and diced my ironing board cover. I also refuse to mention how many times I misplaced and then sewed the gores, all 8 of them, incorrectly. A seam ripper is truly a magnificent tool. Despite all these tribulations in a just a few hours I had one vintage sloper Simplicity pattern number 1303, including the bias trim around the neckline, and armholes (I going to make this sleeveless) nearly complete. I sat there admiring my handiwork, licking my wounds, and contemplating whether I should solider on and put in the zipper or save that for the morning. It didn't take me long to figure out what to do, especially after I notice 2 gores still sitting on the ironing board and NOT sewn into the skirt......sigh

The next morning I did rip and resew and put in the zipper without much trouble. It fits perfectly. YIPPEE! I plan on redrafting the bodice a tiny bit to shape the armholes to make it a proper sleeveless bodice and to lower the neckline a bit, but I'm not going any where near my sewing room until I've got my head on straight. Can you blame me? :o)

Other future plans:
Aside from redrafting the bodice for a lower neck and making it sleeveless there are few other things I have yet to consider. I haven't decided if I will incorporate piping in the skirt seams as the pattern calls for in view 2, (those aren't just seam lines, those black lines are a contrasting piping) Whether I do the piping or not will depend on what fabric I choose. I haven't decided on what length I'll make it either. Depends obviously on the fabric and the "look" I want, and perhaps whether or not I'll actually wear a petticoat or not. I also have to put pockets in the side seams. Last night I gathered fabric and notions for the first copy of this dress with it's new modifications. It won't be the dress but it will be an everyday dress in this style, just one more step to tweak anything that might need tweaking before I make the real thing.

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  1. Do you think the ladies in the picture did have some cocktails or two? They are smiling so weird. You are going to kill yourself making this dress, but it will be worth it. Do you wear dresses a lot? I wish I had your figure, or that of those ladies from that time, but I'm too lazy to work on it, besides I like chocolate too much. Have fun at the party! Being 90, did your Aunt maybe wear dresses like that?