Thursday, April 19, 2007

First Top of the Season

I haven't worked on the leather projects for over week now, just needed/wanted a break. I've been spring cleaning, such as it is with me and cleaning, and obviously as you've read from the previous post I was doing my semi-seasonal household shuffle. Plus believe it or not, I have actually left the Hermitage not once but twice in the past week...will wonders never cease!

The other thing that had been keeping me occupied is this top and the subsequent search for and brainstorming for new Summer tops.

I can't tell you how much I'm loving this top!! Such a breeze to work. It has just that right balance of total mindlessly, and instant gratification, coupled with a relatively big bang for the buck design. Oh yeah, I'm going to be churning out a few of these.

I won't hold you in suspense any's a Drops pattern from Garnstudio. Here's the link:

DROPS Top in Muskat and Shawl in Vivaldi ~ DROPS Design

I didn't change a single thing. Knitted straight from the pattern as is, it took 2 days. I used a 100% Egyptian cotton that I picked up in the bargain bin when I was in Savannah last Fall? Summer? not sure what visit it was. The depth, or saturation, of the black is what impressed me with this cotton. You know what I mean, it's hard to find a really nice black, they usually looks so washed out (like in the first picture) but honestly it is a true black, even better than the coloring of the second photo. Hope it stays that way! I don't remember who the mfg is, if you really want know just ask and I'll dig up the label. It isn't a mfg I'm familiar with, and deciphering the label is a's Italian.

Pattern Notes/Pitfalls:
I'm pretty short waisted so if any of you give this a go, you might want to double check the length of the torso. If Silly or Anniebell wants one of these, I won't be concerned with the torso length, cuz, well, they have torsos that can be revealed in public! LOL

There are about 7 or 8 other Drops patterns that I have my eye on. I have even pulled the yarns and have nice little project bags ready to begin. They should be hitting the needles soon, along with another one or two of this top :-) Right now, I'm working on a sleeveless shell in some banana silk. I THINK I just may have found the right pattern to use with this stuff. It's been a struggle.

I hate to admit it but of course you'll all understand, all of these soon to be FO's (giggle, snort) are from stash! Egads! As it stands right now, if all projects are worked I will have effectively cleared out my cotton stash aside from odd balls here and there. Anyone know of a nice striped top that is worked side to side cuz I hate horizontal stripes and I don't do multiple bobbins or balls. I'm dying to replenish stash, what with the Webs sale and the cottons that just came through the Elanns newsletter.

Oh and if anyone missed it, Cat Bordhi was on Knitty Gritty on Monday (HGTV) and she showed her Coriolis sock. I have GOT to make this sock!!!

CRAFTS : Knitting : Coriolis Sock : DIY Network

A bit a sad news....recently got an email about my pre-ordered new Bordhi book (New Pathways for Sock Knitters) that was suppose to ship in May....looks like maybe July or August before it gets shipped.....sigh. You can pre-order it here:

Off to do something even if it isn't right!