Friday, November 30, 2007

Glass and Hats

First things first, since I titled this post Glass and Hats, I have to show you the glass first.

It was a coupla posts ago I told you about the glass class Bart took. I now a have a pic of the pieces Bart actually made himself during the class.

I'm floored. These are his first attempts in class! I thinking the kid caught on and learned something don't you? Each piece is approximately 20 inches tall and the bulbous parts about 3-4 inches in diameter. I can't wait until I see some of his work using color, obviously they focused on technique and not colorwork in the classes. It's a real busy time of year for him making ornaments, tree toppers, goblets, vessels and bottle stoppers, not to mention the various pendants and such that he makes, plus he doesn't want to spoil my x-mas present. Dang I feel like a kid again counting the days until Santa comes. :o)

On the fiber front.....
I've been making hats. Remember how Gillian had called and asked for "several" scarves for she and her friends? Bart called and asked for a "bunch" of hats. It was a welcomed request, cuz I gotta be honest, scarves and I don't go well together. Believe me when I say I enjoy mindless projects, but scarves are a little too mindless for me, I get bored rather quickly. Go figure ADD me gets bored quickly! LOL So, like I said, hats sounded like a good think to do, but imagine this if you will......I've only made one hat in my life. Yes, believe it, it's the truth, I've only ever made one hat and it was a disaster.

Bart was somewhat specific in what style of hat he wanted so that was a good thing. And I had him go through the Ravelry database of all the hats there, so I got a good idea what he liked and didn't like. The problem arose when there weren't any patterns there that were exactly right....sigh thus began the process of trying this and that, "stealing" from this one, modifying that one and hoping it would all work out. It took a few tries.....

None of these hats in the pic are quite right. (please forgive their unblocked state.) Sure, they are OK as far as hats go, but they are just working models or steps taken to finally achieve the "Ultimate Bart Hat". I think I have it. It's on the needles now. I'm making it in a really nice cashmere/merino better be right. :o)

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  1. That's amazing! I like the fair isle hats, all of them , and the grey hat is cool too. Have you given up on scarves? I'm working on two, one secret, the other not, but the same style. I like them ,but hate knitting them. Sooooo boring.