Monday, November 19, 2007

Stacked Diamonds

Just to use up the remaining yarn from the Snake Trumpets I did the Edgar, from Kitty that also screams for a yarn that has a long color sequence.

Pros and Cons:
The pattern is written ok I guess, technically I didn't really read it through, it's a pretty intuitive pattern so I didn't bother. A quick glance at the pattern may be intimidating to some, but if you really like this scarf I urge you to give it a go. Get over the scary look of the rows upon rows of written instruction it's just a lot words to explaining how to do something you'll be able to see on your own after you have completed the first square.

I only did one thing differently than the pattern (I assume, remember I didn't really read it through).....the center decrease in the pattern calls for a sl 1, k2tog, psso...........I did a k3tog.

I'm really not a scarf person, but I gotta admit the nearly instant gratification in making scarves is pretty cool. I'm wondering how many "a bunch" of scarves is...that's how many Gillian requested last week for she and her friends. So far I've got 3 done, and materials pulled for a few more, the next few will be crocheted.

In other knitting, I picked up the 2nd Cabled Cardi again today. I had cruised along up to the armholes, and then just stopped working on it. (I blame the addictive quality of instant gratification scarves and the thrill of dyeing a 54 ft skein) I finished the entire bodice today, and now I have to go hunt for some more of the cotton I'm using before I begin the sleeves. Wonder how long it will take to get knitting on this again. At least another two days will pass, because I know where the cotton I need is. It's laying in the to-be-frogged box. So I'll have some frogging to do and then some soaking and hanging and drying....sigh.

So now what.

I could pickup the other cardigan I started about a month ago, the one I began out of desperation using LB Homespun. Still like the colors, still can't get pass what I know it will look like after being worn....sigh. I've got a few felted slippers patterns to try, but not thrilled with the yarns I have on hand. I mean really, it's kind of silly to make slippers out of natural colored wool, and I'm completely out of dyestuffs.....ok that's a a lie I do have 1 pkg. of orange kool aid, and I do have a half bottle of neon green food coloring. OTOH I could go ahead and work them up and just dye them later, hmmmmm.


I could drag out Levi (my spinning wheel) and do some plying I've been wanting to do, or perhaps, (gasp) spin some fiber?!?


I could sew up some of the fab wools I've got, but not sure I want to drag out all the sewing patterns right now.


I could always work up a few more woven squares for some rugs I planned and began this summer.


Hell's fire there are a 1000 things I could do and zero of them are calling to me.....sigh
Dang it I hate it when I feel this way.


  1. I did Edgar once, it was for a child, too small for my liking. I like yours, and the colors are great for it.
    I know how you feel about a new project. I feel like that whenever I finished a big project. Too many things I want to do, nothing seems right at the moment. Whenever I feel like that I start a few things, which never make it, but help me to decide.