Thursday, November 15, 2007

Steve Sizelove

I know it was just the other day when I post a link to Steve Sizelove's webpage, but here it is again.
I feel I owe it to the guy...he taught my son some amazing things this past weekend. And now that I have my camera back I can post some pix.

No fiber pix today, just pix from Bart's class with Steve Sizelove. I'll only post a few here, but you can see all (most) of them here. These are pix strictly from the class, neither Bart nor any of his pieces are shown here.....sigh. (X-mas presents methinks :o)) Please note the orientation of some vessels is upside down. They were photographed during a cooling stage.


  1. Now i really wish I was family of yours!
    You all have that amazing gene!


  2. That's just amazing. Especially the figures, I like Steve's artworks very much.