Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Scary, I know.

4 days in a row. Wow.

Just a quickie to get this pic out there.

I'm sure not all of you have any idea of what this is. Hmmmm should I take guesses? Nah, I'll tell ya. It's a little piece of Viking Knitting. Obviously I haven't pulled it through a draw plate yet. Don't have one anymore. I have no clue where it went.

This piece is about 5 inches long. I'm keeping it on the rod cuz I have to take it to my Lunch and Knit on Friday and I don't want it crunched before I get there. One of the girls (Hi Susieb!) was asking if I knew how to do this. It's been eons since I have done any so I thought I'd give it a go again before she gets here next weekend and wants me to teach her. It was like riding a bike, no problem. Well, ok, my joins are not the best and it's a tad bit wonky in tension (must remember to let the wire to it's own thing) but nothing that a good pull through a draw plate won't straighten up a bit.

It's a very simple technique kinda a cross between spool knitting and needle weaving done in wire. In this sample I used a fairly large rod about 6 yards of wire and only worked four stitches around. It took about hour to do. Using a hex key or allen wrench would have given me 6 stitches per round and made a better chain in the end. I've tried using a wooden dowel as some peeps do but trying to keep those stitches lined up over a corner rather than merely on a line drawn on a stick is a lot easier.

I'll post a pic of it after I get it pulled through the draw plate.

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