Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Don't Get Excited

I'm only posting to mess with your minds. giggle/snort. Tell me true, when you saw that I posted again, for the third time in as many days, did you not say something similar to, "OMG the universe is collapsing" :o)

While out and about running errands yesterday Joe and I wandered into the storage and shelving department of the home renovation store.

Me: Dang, you're a brave soul walking me through this section.
Joe: You don't have enough room in the house for any more storage.
Me: If I had one decent system I could get a lot more stuff stored. I need a better system.
Joe: Um, yeah, I was wondering what your system was for the stuff on the kitchen table.


So now I have the kitchen table cleared off and stuff stowed away (not decently stored) I shouldn't push Joe to the ultimate end of his rope over something as trivial as stuff on the table. Gotta save that pushing for something bigger. Right?

Lo, having the table cleared afforded me the opportunity to take some journal pix.

Three black leather and one brown. All were done with different methods of sewing the leaves together. I've made six in all, just haven't covered the other two yet. The smaller two in the pic are 200ish pages the other black one and the brown one are both 400ish pages. I forget exactly how many pages, sure I could count the number of leaves but who really cares????

The leather was reclaimed from a couple of coats and two skirts. The interior of each book is suede. I like my books. :o) Sure they aren't perfect, some of the stitching and cutting is a little wonky if you look close enough and the edges of the pages are not in perfect alignment, but they are perfect for me, I'm a little wonky myself. I'll give up the perfection of a "proper" journal for something I created any old day.

Anyone wondering why we were at the home renovation store??? The kitchen table. I love my table. You see we have a beautiful, antique, mahogany, 60 inch, round, pedestal table in the kitchen. Love, love, love my table. It also has seven, yes, seven, leaves to it. I love my table. This sucker can get HUGE. Did I mention I love my table? But.....

A 60" table for just the two of us is a bit much wouldn't you say? It just begs for stuff to be "stored" on it. So I started to thinking about it. I know the top with all the expansion mechanisms can be easily removed in one piece. Easily that is if you have a couple of strong guys around to lift the top off once the bolts are removed. (it must weigh 200 pounds) We've had to take it apart twice in its lifetime with me, moving it into the old house when I got it and then moving it into this house, neither was all that "easy" but doable. So now I'm on the lookout for a smaller table top to replace this one. No luck so far. The store that use to sell 48" solid oak tabletop blanks doesn't carry them anymore....sigh I'll even consider a 36" round (even less "storage" space!) and try to overlook the humongous talons-clutching-globes-feet that would stick out a little. None of the local lumberyards carry anything like that either. Guess I'll have to start surfin'.

We do have an oval oak table that with some fiddling could work...except for the fact that I painted it blue two years ago......grrrrrr Maybe it will look alright, I kinda doubt it though. I really do not want to strip that table.


  1. But I am excited....I am!

    Your journals looks so beautiful!!!!

  2. Can't tell you how much I love these...and the leather is recycled from clothes....even better!