Thursday, January 29, 2009


I started this vest a while ago, before the Holidays in fact. It began as a sweater but when I got this far it told me it really wanted to be a vest. The only thing it needed was a finish for the armholes.

I fiddled with the armholes all week. What you see here are attempts number 6 and 7. I did not begrudging the multiple armholes, I actually enjoyed doing them and then re-doing them again. I learned something new with each modification so all that ripped knitting had a purpose and I held no ill will unto it.

The zipper? I love having zippers in sweaters. Sewing them isn't that bad, but it can be fiddly and not work well the first time, therefore I dread the prospect of doing them. This time the zip went in without too many problems, only having to start over just a couple times. It was at that point I should have put two and two together and realized something was afoot.

Last night having completed the 7th armhole finish, I tried the vest on again. I was thrilled with the prospect of just one final hour of ripping and knitting a matching armhole finish on the other side, and the vest was done. Complete. No longer an UFO nagging and mocking me as I cast on for something else. It was a garment to be worn the next day. Even the ends were sewn in. I was thrilled I tell ya. Jubilant.

It was not to be. The flippin' zipper broke.


The thrill is gone. The happy little task of knitting the 8th armhole finish, grateful for what it has taught me, is now nothing more than a Sisyphean task to which I am condemned. Will the replacement of the new zipper be another?.....sigh

I'm bitter, to say the least.


  1. You are bitter about the zipper. Sorry, I totally understand. It would not have lived as UFO that long with me. Project which will not behave, get ripped mercyless. :o)

  2. Well, if reknitting the armhole finish was a happy task, then I'm sure if you put it away for awhile & come back to it, you'll find the thrill again. :)