Monday, February 02, 2009


I think not.

Guess who dropped in to say hello?


Damn it.

To all flying mammals residing within the confines of the Hermitage:

I regret to inform you that your continued existence in this domicile is not desired by the owners. Your feeble attempts of neighborly visits have merely caused our owner/squatter relationship to swiftly deteriorate into an ever deepening loathing of you and your kind.

You have shown a blatant disregard for the boundaries that have been set. We, although it is our right, have not ventured into the nether reaches of the attic, walls, chimney, basement, heat ducts, or wherever you have your illicit roost, and yet you continue to boldly fly into each and every room of the Hermitage. It is abundantly clear you can not be trusted. The trespassing alone is enough cause for eviction, but now this second display of aberrant behavior of flying instead of hibernating, cannot be overlooked. If you do not voluntarily vacate in a timely manner, please note that you will be forced to go.

The Owners of the Hermitage

This is war.


  1. Aww ... I love bats :o)

    Here in the UK, all bats are protected species (actually, this covers all of Europe), and if you disturb their roosts or harm a bat then you can be prosecuted.

    Fortunately, we don't have a big problem with rabies in wildlife in this country otherwise there would possibly be more conflict between bats and humans.

  2. hehe, I see he (or she) has been caught! Glad things worked out OK.

    H laughs at me (and tells other to do the same :-) because I'm not at all afraid of bats....but terrified of spiders...
    you can see why this is weird when you realize that we have NO poisonous spiders around here...yet..I still choose bats :-)
    I just think of them as mice (or rats) with wings :-)
    mice I kill regularly...rats are pets...

  3. That is one very annoyed looking bat.

    Generally, I like bats. They rid the world of lots of annoying insects and are usually pretty good at staying out of my way. I do agree, however, that flying about in the house is unacceptable.

  4. That bat doesn't look very happy at all...we had bats in a vacation house a couple of years ago - not too much fun - I'm not a big fan..hopefully they will go away.