Friday, July 04, 2008

I'm trying

OK, I'm trying to keep you guys entertained this week with out having a camera, thus the ice cream quiz.....sigh

Further explanation:

You're Chocolate.

You embody the perfect blend of sweetness and seduction. You personality is just as luscious and irresistible as chocolate ice cream. You have a flirty, melty attitude that's easygoing and delicious. You appreciate luxurious, extravagant things, like the way ultra-soft fabrics feel against your skin. Some people want to hog you all to themselves, but you find ways to make everyone feel special.

21% of the people who took this quiz got the same evaluation.

OK I'll go with the luxurious, extravagant things, of that I am guilty, waaaaay guilty, and I thank The Powers That Be everyday that I can be this way. Sweetness?!? Really?!? Moi?!? LOL Dang these silly games can be real knee slappers. Besides, although I like flavor chocolate, I'm not rabid for it like some are, plus it literally makes me sick so I steer clear of it. LOL

On the knitting front, not much done today I literally talked to Gillian on the phone for over 2 hours. Egads. I HATE talking on the phone!!!! But I was sitting outside and the day was beautiful, and we hadn't had a real conversation for a while..........

I finished the Open Cable Top today. I thought I had finished it yesterday until I tried it on last night and the shoulder straps/armholes were waaaay too deep. I realized that unfortunate turn of events after I had already grafted seams and concealed ends. Grrrrrr Today I cut and slashed and made much shorter shoulder straps. I'm very pleased. Pix of course will follow in the "Hiatus Week Montage" (read that as the week without my camera montage).

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