Saturday, July 05, 2008

"And the wheels keeps on turning,

and turning, and turning.
and nothings disturbing the way they go around"

Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians,
Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars,
The Wheel

This little sweetie and I have a lot in common of late. I've been a spinning fool. I've been bitten hard. Every bobbin I spin is better than the next, I'm getting the hang of this. I absolutely LOVE Navajo plying!!!! I'm all warm and fuzzy about 2-plying also. I haven't tried a 3-ply since the other day.

Wanna see what I'm spinning??? Um, yeah, about that, remember no camera until next week. but this is a shot of what it looked like when I brought it home.

Yes, I agree, that is an obscene amount of fiber. Everything you see here (and there was more not pictured) is some sort of prepared fiber. It is a portion of the "Motherload", a once in a lifetime find. Last summer I washed it all and organized it. Yesterday I actually started to spin some of it. So far what I've spun is three very small batches of the pencil roving, like the stuff you see in the upper right. I started with the ickiest of the bunch. I've got to be careful about using up all the fiber doncha know. :o) I'm working my way through all the yellow/gold stuff those just aren't my colors. At this point I have 84 yards of a heavy worsted wt in 1970's harvest gold (navajo plied) 79 yards of a heavy worsted wt. creamy mellow harvest gold (navajo plied) and 66.5 yards of a sunshine yellow and pale yellow 2 ply worsted/aran wt. The 2-ply is the last thing I spun today, I'm loving it. I'm thinking right now the rest of these various yellows are going to be spun and plied in the same way. When all is said and done I'll see what I have and then I'll prob'ly throw it all in a dye pot and change it to something a bit more me.

I'm not going to touch any of the undyed fiber, I'm saving all that for when I'm good at spinning and then have a fun roving dyeing day.


  1. Wow , I mean - wow! Too bad you don't have a camera. Would love to see what you've spun so far.

  2. Tracy,
    I'm spinning too! Are you drafting that pencil roving or what? I have some too and not sure how to deal with it.

    keep on spinnin',

  3. Holy CR*P! I clicked over to your Motherload post and my jaw literally dropped to my chest! Do you still have all of that? Do you ever buy yarn anymore, or do you just go shopping in the stash? That is unbelievable! (And, oh yeah, I'm so envious I can't see straight.)