Monday, May 12, 2008

Open Cables Top

I know, the blog posting department here at the Hermitage has been working over time of late. 5 posts in 3 days...sheesh you'd think I'd have something important to say!

Big Red is getting to the point that it's only worthy of bedtime knitting if Joe isn't in bed, so I just had to start something else doncha know.

Yet another Drops pattern #82-15.

I have to admit, this has prob'ly been one of the more challenging translation decipherings I've had to do, but it really wasn't that bad. The pattern itself on the page looks kinda frightening in that 'oh dear god there's bound to be a million translation faux pas' but once the extraneous multiple size stuff is out of the way it's not too bad.

I rest my case.

There's a lot explanation in this pattern about putting stitches on holders and working only half of the front for a few rows than going back with a second ball and working the same rows on the other half with mirrored stitch manipulations. All in all, once I figured out just exactly what it was and how it was they wanted me to make this top I dismissed the notion of stitch holders and the 2 circs at a time, as well as making the top with a front and back. I've been working this in one piece in the round with some back and forth knitting breaking it in the center front instead. I'm very happy. I'm also splitting all the cables in the center instead of just the top one cuz Joe suggested I do it that way. btw the eagle eyes among you will notice that in the pic there are in fact 2 circs. I didn't lie, I am only using one circ to work it, right before the pic I put some of the stitches on another needle so I could try it on, rest assured I'll be dropping that second needle as soon as that round is complete.

I'm using Jaeger Trinity in a light celery green held together with 3 strands of a slubby silk thread in apple green. And when I say "thread" I mean thread.

It never ceases to amaze me the wonderful changes in both color and hand of the fabric that can be achieved when adding a few threads to the working yarn. I've had this Trinity yarn for a few years now, but I never ever liked the hand of the fabric no matter what gauge I worked it at. Honestly, this Jaeger Trinity has got to be the record hold for "Most Swatched" around here. I'm lovin it now.

Although I'm lovin this top, there are couple things I'm not thrilled with. After trying it on this morning I'm not sure I'm going to like how wide the hem is. Gee perhaps that's cuz I forgot to use smaller needles for the ribbing and didn't decrease the 5 stitches I was supposed to after the ribbing was done.....ya think? Duh. The second thing I'm not pleased with is the beginning of that first cable. The 12 cable stitches are beget of the center 6 stitches by knitting in the back of them. See how it makes a tightness at the base of that cable? I'm not lovin it, a nifty way to do it but, I'm hating the pucker.


  1. The sweater is going to be gorgeous - love the cable and the color.

  2. I agree, it's lovely, but what possessed you to attack such an undertaking? I'm so impressed with your enthusiasm.