Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pix Are Coming

Yea! I finally have my camera but, the batteries died just as I began taking pix for the hiatus montage. :-/ I suppose I should have started the pix in chronological order, but of course my ADD kicked in and I just had to have pix of the new project.

New project, you ask? Why yes, yet another new project. Don't worry I'm still knitting and I'm still spinning, and I'm still weaving rug squares, this is a new project that will fall into the "slightly off my rocker" category. I've committed myself to a new group on Ravelry created for like mind folks. Were knitting slipcovers. Yep, slipcovers and/or upholstery fabric, for real furniture.

The group is called Society for Knitted Upholstery (that's a Ravelry link) begun by none other than the girls (Ann and Kay) from Mason-Dixon Knitting.

So the only pix I have for you today are three chairs that are in the running to get a new face lift. In no particular order these are my choices.

I like this chair, a LOT. It is in good shape just the way it is, except one tiny thing. The color. In the pic the color is washed out. It is almost granny smith green. The "almost" is the problem. In the kitchen the green is not green enough, and the yellow in the sitting room is all wrong for it. It does look fab in the purple living room, but it's the wrong style. Don't get me wrong, I love an eclectic look, but this chair in that room looks like a red-headed step-child. Damn.

Next up is this little beauty. Obviously, someone at some point, has already re-upholstered this chair. I wonder what it really was like, nonetheless, this fabric has got to go one way or the other, so it's in the running for a knitted facelift. btw the original plan for this chair was to recover it in leather keeping the wood natural, or maybe, just maybe paint it with a plethora of colors highlighting the carvings and turnings, and use I-don't-know-what fabric to re-cover it.

And finally we have this chair.

Now if the Society for Knitted Upholstery had started up last week I wouldn't be in such a quandary right now. I would have just done this chair, but you see kiddies, I made slipcovers for this chair just last week!!!!! arrrgh

I now find myself with waaay too many options. Not only do I have several chairs to chose from (these are the three I've whittled my choices down to after much thought and consideration and yes, I have a thing for chairs, and the chair stash is considerable as well. Dang, I love my hubby) but I also have a variety of chair styles each of which kind of screams or at least suggests what type of knitting in which it wants to be adorned. For example can't you just see and kewl geometric mosaic fabric on that green chair, Op art-ish maybe? What about some nifty miters, or is that just too obvious with that back? Polka dots? Checker board? How about some sleek sensual waves for that blue chair, or maybe a nubby textured tone-on-tone, or a huge chunky knit? Some tiny scrolling cables for the chair with the carvings/turnings? How about some Fair Isle??

Lest we forget, there is still fiber to be chosen as well. I might go stash diving today to see what my options are. Available materials might be a determining factor in which chair and what design, but right now I'm even too tired to go stash diving. Shocking, I know. Bart is home from Aspen, (obviously I have my camera) Gillian is back in Savannah having come and gone for a world wind visit this pass weekend, and I'm exhausted. It's been 5 days of parties, family, eating, family, preparing meals, family, get-togethers, family, playing games, family, driving, family, etc. family. I'll say it again, I'm exhausted, happy, but exhausted.

As usual all input regarding above chairs would be greatly appreciated.

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