Thursday, March 13, 2008

Weaving Wednesdays (?)

What can I say, I'm not a slave to the clock. While it is now, technically Thursday, eh, I did do most of the actual weaving on Wednesday, and considering I'm posting pix within 6 hours of completion according to my internal clock, it's still Wednesday. (Of course I still think I'm 30-something too so my clock might be a bit whacked) To be perfectly frank, I'm breaking my arm patting myself on the back cuz I even knew it was Wednesday yesterday!!! :-P

Two more squares done.

Aside from the cones and skeins this is all I have left that is already made up of this "colorway". Best guess is that I will get 4 more full squares and a striped one.

The blue/green colorway will be next. Good thing too, I'm getting pretty sick of this yellow/gold stuff. I know, I'm not too sure they will go together either, but the main focus here is stash reduction, I can always make them into separate rugs. I have GOT to "get rid of" some of these boxes that are crowding me.

I'm glad I started this "little" project in earnest. It was nice to have something to do when brain function was at a low. The only knitting I have any interest in right now is a lace shawl, and a couple of cable-ly sweaters, not really mindless stuff huh, and aside from the two squares, the only other fiber that has passed through my fingers this week was a thrifted man's sweater from which I harvested the wool. It was a nice find, a soft spun two-ply, DK wt., handknitted in Ireland that was still rich in lanolin. Ahhhhh, such sheepy goodness wafting from a bath of warm water.

Think I'll go warp up another square, ya never know at what moment all cognitive skills will disappear. Case in point, did I mention that it took me 4 tries to warp the loom for the second square last night? sigh.

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  1. Love the new squares. Other than that, you crack me up! :o) I WAS thinking what's up with Weaving Wendsday, when nothing new showed up. ;o)