Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I remembered!

Tap, tap, tap. (my baton now poised as a conductor at the symphony)

All together now......


It is supposed to be this:

I guess it's not too far off but.......

Just another in my quest for a decent hat to wear this summer. Obviously aside from the brim that is waaaay out of proportion, it is ginormous, but the hat did in fact work up pretty close to the original. Notice I didn't bother with the button at the crown, making the brim double thick as called for (why bother) nor did I sewing in the elastic. Apparently the designer/tech editor knew it would be huge and rather than sizing it or shaping it they thought it would be just fine to insert 3/4 inch elastic within the doubled k1p1 ribbing! Does that sound as strange to any of you as it does me??? I mean really, this is a hat, not the waistband of a skirt!!

I'm never going to wear this even if it did fit and the brim wasn't so dorky. I'm not really drawn to this type of hat, but it was something different and it has some really interesting shaping. I have never seen this much shaping in a hat of this type in anything other than sewing patterns. It really is well designed (notwithstanding the size issue) but I think a different gauge would lends itself to a much better hand than this heavy thick cotton. Actually I think a very small tight gauge cotton would work beautifully, but I'm not loving this hat that much to do the work both in the knitting itself plus the reconfiguring of instruction to deal with the gauge difference! I'm talking 12 st/inch, at the very least, very tightly worked...a really finger fatigue thanx. I'd rather start from scratch and match a sewing pattern....or find another hat I like better. :o)

Oh btw, the pattern is from a Mon Tricot magazine from the 70's (?) 80's (?)

Oy this is all the weaving I've done and I didn't even do it today, but I did know today was Wednesday!! Dang, if this keeps up, pretty soon I'll be able to keep track of Holidays and maybe even the date. Egads.

Yep, you're seeing that correctly, it's still on the loom and I ran out of weft with only two passes to go. No big deal, I'll fill it in with something similar. No one will ever know given the hodge-podge of all the random squares anyway.

It might seem as though I haven't been too knitterly lately and if the truth be known I haven't. I am working on another swirl bag, but that's just been late night right before bed knitting everything else is on hold. It's not due to an errant mojo, I've just been focusing on other non-fiber things. Unless you want to consider paper fiber. I've returned to one of my very first loves. Drawing. I use to draw/sketch/illustrate like a madman. I bet I hadn't picked up a pencil other than to sketch a clothing design for 25 years. It took a couple of days to get back into the groove, but my skill level (if you could call it that) is begin to surface again and I'm enjoying myself and that's what counts.

Not all my paper pursuits have been enjoyable though. I was working on the taxes again this morning. I did the federal taxes oh about 2 months ago. I just couldn't bring myself to do them again. Does anyone else do that?? I do the taxes, let them sit for a week or two and then do them again, just to make sure I haven't missed anything or made a mistake. LOL that was prob'ly a stupid question, why would anyone in their right mind do their taxes twice, but then you all know I'm a tad bit touched anyway. ;-) They really are a PITA, what with both houses, the farm, etc. We had the taxes done a few years ago but a cost us over $700!!!! And he is a friend!!!!! I think I can stand the headache myself for $700+.

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  1. I've been here before, and read this entry, but didn't have time to comment. You are so funny, I like reading your posts. And you seem to be an allround talent. I'd love to see some of your drawings. And by the way, I like blue, there are many shades of it, that I love. But my yarn, looked upon close, is just ugly, not dyed evenly and so on. IT's a joke now, and I'll get over it, already am. I'll be more careful in the future. And I already made wonderful blue dyed yarn, you'll see it soon. :o)