Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Weaving Wednesday!

Ha ha ha, bet you thought I'd forget. I know I would have placed that bet. :o)

All warped up:


The next pic shows today's square (bottom right of photo) and a square I did a few days ago. Below that are a couple other squares I've done. (ouch a sunlight photo, oh well)

For right now I'm working up all the yellows/golds/oranges/reds that were already plied when I purchased the fibers. I "stole" these plied yarns from the "project bundles" which were part of the motherload. I've got a total of 6 or 7 squares done, (only about 28 more to go!) all different but somewhat similar. There is prob'ly enough of these pre-plied fibers to make another 6 or 7, and I do have many cones of the individual yarns to ply more if I need to. I think I'll weave all the pre-plied yarns including the boxes of blue/green fibers, blue/purple/pink fibers, and the browns/rusts just to see what I've got and what I'll need. Perhaps they will all go into the same rug or maybe they won't. :o)

Each of these are 18 inches square, made on my homemade 18 inch weave-it loom. Eventually they will be a rug(s) for the patio. I'm thinking/hoping for an 8x10 and then of course there is the hemp rope rug that will be 5x7. Joe is questioning the sizes I'm planning saying the patio isn't that big. LOL it's 30 x 22 I think it's big enough for two rugs! :o) There are plenty of places I could use a throw rug in the house considering the house has hardwood flooring throughout and not a single carpet anywhere. Ooops that's a lie, there is a vintage handwoven rug in one of my workrooms up stairs. I think I've mentioned it before.....a $65-ish estate sale find. 12x14 handmade of cloth (wool) strips, and judging by the materials used, I'd guess it was made in the early 40's. I LOVE that rug.

I do have some knitting news, but I'll leave that for tomorrow cuz today is Weaving Wednesday!


  1. Tracy, would you mind taking a few more pictures of the process? The result is beautiful, and it seems you need only a frame, a few carefully placed nails and wool. I would really like to try this!
    Girl, you inspire me in so many way's! Thank you!

  2. Swooning with excitement and anticipation...

  3. I popped in to say how much I love your pattern Dancing with the devil and I am defo going to have a go at it and may I say your blog is also a great read Thanks :)