Sunday, December 23, 2007

to "kinnear" a verb


The Yarn Harlot made the New York Times today. In the Week in Review section, the article is titled, "All We Are Saying"

The knitting community never ceases to amaze me!

Oh yeah, and sorry about the lack of posts. I suspect you're all in the same boat I am. Kids home for the Holidays, grandkids visiting, and I'm knitting, knitting, crocheting, knitting.

I refused to allow myself to get sucked into the chaos that is Xmas knitting, and yet I still find myself sitting up til all hours of the night knitting, and knitting, and knitting. The only good thing about this marathon sprint of needles, hooks, and fiber is that my deadline isn't tomorrow or the day after, it's the 4rd, when Gillian returns to Savannah.

I've finished up all the scarves except one, (yippee, although she's been eyeing a couple other patterns) and I got one vest nearly off the needles, just sitting there waiting for final shoulder measurements. Now it's fingerless mitts on the needles ( a couple pairs). She fell in love with Eunny's Endpaper Mitts (haven't we all) but I've never done FI/stranded, all my colorwork has been mosaic, so I drafted a mosaic pattern last night. Also waiting in the wings is another sweater, a second vest, and hooded scarf/tabbard kind of thing....wonder which if any I'll be able to get done before she leaves again?

Sitting here all toasty warm knitting, it's quiet, kids are all gone for the day and won't be back until tomorrow. They'll all be here tomorrow, that is if the snow stops and the 35 mph winds (with gusts up to 50 mph) ends soon, otherwise it looks like Joe and I will have a very quiet Xmas.

Wishing you and yours Comfort and Joy this Holiday Season!

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