Friday, December 14, 2007

A Swatch of Jello

Just a quickie post to show you how the tri-colored Jello dyed yarn works up.

Even though these aren't my colors, I kinda like it.

No clue as to what I'll actually make with this. Although, I'm thinking about a couple Nora Gaughn designs......the Luce scarf (Egads another scarf!) or the Target Wave mittens.

Uh Oh....looking at her photos I saw this sweater again.....Must. Resist. Urge to cast on.

Debbie New has a interesting mitten design that is very similar to the Target Waves...sorry, I can't find a pic on the tubes to show you. I'm pretty sure it's in Unexpected Knitting though, one of "bestest" book ever. :o)


  1. Isn't it though, the best book ever I mean. I love to go through it time and time again, and my mouth stays open every time. She's a genius! Lovely easter colors, your Jello yarn, or should I say spring colors. I like Norah G.'s designs too. She's another of those Knitting Geniuses. ;o)

  2. I LOVE the colors! It looks like a delicious citrus punch.

  3. Tracy, I can recommend the Luce scarf. I made one using Malabrigo worsted, and it's really cool. The knitting can be a little tedious with all the casting on and binding off, but it's easy and everyone compliments it. I'm about to start another with Noro Silver Thaw.