Saturday, January 05, 2008

Nadia Vest

The Holiday Season here at the Hermitage is officially over. Gillian is back in Savannah, and Joe's vacation has ended. Life will return to normal, at least for a little while. I'll give it about 3 weeks then all hell is going to break loose. That's a promise.

Another "project" is looming on the horizon. Not a fiber project, but one which will be the time sucking adventure of my life. So I'm asking for suggestions. At this point I'm making plans, knitting plans. I need to have an arsenal of projects that excite me and are ready to grab. They can't be too mindless, but I can't have anything I have to constantly check a chart or a pattern either. I need on the go knitting. Of course I already have socks in the offing, as well as mitts/gauntlets and Fireside Footies, but I need a couple sweaters to throw into the mix.

I'm looking for a cardi/jacket pattern. Preferably top down but bottom up is ok. I want to use stash yarn and I have a few to choose from. I really want to use these, they have been sitting in the stash for years and years and years.

Ballybrae Bulky by Brunswick 3.5 sts = 1" on #10 needles (off white tweed)

Cottage by Kilcarra recommended needles 5.5 mm/6mm no stitch gauge given (dark green tweed)

"Designer" Homespun Tweeds by Tahki 4.5 sts = 1" 6 rows = 1 inch on #8 needles (lighter green tweed.)

I can't imagine any of these as next to the skin, but for a cardi or jacket no problem.

I can see working cables in the Bulky yarn, it's smooth and consistent, but I'm a bit leary about cables in either of the other two. Both are "slightly slubby" cuz of the tweediness and some tiny spinning inconsistencies. The "Designer Homespun" seems to have some over twist problems as well. Actually the Cottage does too but not to the same extent. In my somewhat limited knowledge of the nature of cables, I believe they are best worked in smooth yarns, and these kinks and slubs would be bad, but then again I could be wrong. Anyone willing to enlighten me? Please? Thanx!

Ahhh below is the one and only pic I have of any knitting that was done since the first of December. Everything else was so quickly snatched by all the kids they didn't even get blocked let alone photographed!

This is Drops pattern 89-3. (of course it's a Drops pattern! LOLOL) Originally designed as a Summer tank top in Salsa (a ribbon yarn). I substituted Nadia by Adrienne Vittadini and used two strands held together. Aside from the substitute yarn I didn't do any modifications of the pattern. Ooops that's another lie, I did work this in one piece to eliminate one of the side seams. It took 6 skeins. I picked this yarn up at Camp Stitches 2005 in NC during the yarn exchange. I had one skein left and made yet another Drops pattern the head band that many others have made. No pic of that, it's winging it's way to a girl one of my sons wants to "talk" to. That head band was prob'ly the fastest snatch of all the December knitting. Snatched in less than 20 min. after the ends were woven.

As a side note, don't be expecting a year in review or any New Years resolutions from me. First cuz, I can't remember what happened last week let alone what happen last Fall, Summer, or Spring, and second cuz I don't hold much to the whole New Year mystique thing. If it push came to shove and I had to deem a particular day to "celebrate", "reflect" or "plan the future" it wouldn't be January 1. It would have to be some other day on the calendar which would be the anniversary of some life altering change in my life, but considering I never know what day of the week it is let alone the date, it's a moot point. :o)


  1. You are such a good girl, working from stash! I don't even have a several year old stash, but it's close. I started knitting again at the end of 2006, and have accumulated quite a lot of yarn.
    I hope you'll find the right model for your sweater. Aslo hope you are feeling better!

  2. Ariann from Chic Knits ( would be great. If you haven't seen it (hard to imagine), it's an openwork sort of raglan cardigan with a pattern that is super easy to memorize, worked pretty much all in one piece. I think the gauge is 4.5 stitches to the inch in stockinette. I knitted it on a 22-hour car trip with kids and dogs bouncing around and still enjoyed it.

  3. LOVE THAT VEST!!! that you made out of the Drops top pattern. I'll take one too!!
    your best friend,