Friday, November 16, 2007

Petal Cardi done

Ahhh the Petal Cardi, a vintage pattern (60's) from Coat's and Clark's.

First off I just gotta say, calling a pattern from the 60's "vintage" is tad bit disturbing but some times we just have to accept everything is what it is.......sigh

I invoked Knitter's Denial to an extreme measure on this one. Oh hell's fire, I just about denied everything and completely threw common sense out the window.........since when is it ever true that one size fits sizes 10 - 18? Nonetheless, I knitted on. I didn't even bother with measurements, other than the ones that told me I was on gauge, and I never once took advantage of what is prob'ly the most endearing quality of a top down sweater...I never tried it on as I knitted merrily along. Thus the result of all that fool heartiness:

Vital Stats:
Coat's and Clark's #185 booklet Quick Fashions pattern called "Two-Skein Petal Cardigan"
Patterns calls for 8 oz of Red Heart Sayelle
I used Bear Brand De Luxe knitting Worsted used double throughout (this is the yarn I kool aid dyed a while ago)
Size 10 and 13 needles gauge 11 st/14/rows = 4 inches
Finished bust measurement: 44" ( just little bit more than 10 inches of ease lololol)

Pros and Cons:
Well aside from the obvious that it doesn't fit worth a hoot, I actually like this sweater. I was sure it was destined for the pond, but the more I wore it today the more I liked it. It's warm a cuddle-ly despite the lacy yoke, and even though the yoke comes down nearly to my elbows it's comfy, so I might just keep it.

I suppose I could rip it back and just do three tiers of the yoke, but then again I like the width of the sleeves, so I'd prob'ly have to do some figuring there. I'm not sure it's worth all that. Maybe if there is a "next' sweater from this pattern I'll do that figuring then.


  1. Besides that you can swim in this sweater, I like it. You finished it, and you can wear it. That's more than I can say for my lonely sweater. I actually imagined throwing it into the washing machine and see what it can do to this SWS very easily feltable sweater. I don't wear it, so maybe I cut felt it and cut it up or SOMETHING! I wish I had a nice sweater ....

  2. Ha! I'm doing the same thing you did right now - knitting away on the second sleeve, just taking it all for granted. Maybe it'll fit me, since I'm 6' tall, though slim build. Ravelry id, Megbean.