Wednesday, November 14, 2007


What a nice thing to say:

Monika at Smoking Hot Needles just honored me. Honestly, is there anything better than making someone smile?

I'm going to have pass this on, but to who or whom is going to be difficult without an incredibly long list of blog links. Let's see, Monika is at the top of my list, but I'll have to leave her off, lest it sound like a mutual admiration society, so, not counting Monika here's my list:

Ingrid at Ingrids funderingar
Lisa at String Theory
Erin at A Dress a Day
TECHknitter and she also makes me go "Ah ha" and "Oh duh how could I be so stupid"
Trisha at Bits and Bobbins
Karen at K style dang does this woman find kewl stuff or what.

Yes, I know the rules of engagement and I'm only suppose to list 5, but considering not all of these are strictly knitting and they are on my list of "must reads" and you can never send too many smiles...


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