Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Dumb Thing to Do

For a bazillion reasons why, I've been painting a lot lately. When I say a lot, I mean A LOT. Not exactly sure how many quarts or spray cans I've gone through, but yesterday's trip to the hardware store brought home another gallon of paint, and 4 more cans of spray paint. This was the 4th trip of it's kind.

Some of you might think that all this painting is the dumb thing to do, but I enjoy painting. I like taking something old and worn and giving it a new life. Thus all the spray paint. Rustoleum to be exact, to liven up some new-to-me wrought iron patio furniture. (I heart rustoleum) No, the really dumb thing to do is explained below......

Yes, for a few days now I've been painting my "new" furniture outside on huge slabs of cardboard laid out in the yard. A couple of those days have been less than ideal to be using spray paint outside so I've been walking around with semi-permanent dirty looking feet and shins, from the over spray. It rubs off eventually :-)

Today was another story.....overcast, calm, not much chance of over spray, a good day to spray paint, but other dangers loomed unbeknown to me. I had just painted the underside of a large mesh top table and was flipping it over to the paint the top. Why I didn't stop to think about what I was doing, I'll never know. I stepped on to the cardboard, first one foot then the other, and I didn't think a whit about it. Then I took 2 more steps; I had to peel my bare feet away from the cardboard as I did so. Ooooops.

Um yeah, rustoleum, it doesn't wash off!


  1. at least you felt what happened, you could have easily dragged this stuff through your house on shoes... as my dh did ;-)
    I think this colour looks good on you, but if you consider a pedicure to get rid off the old painted skin, you better get a convincing story together about why they did not do this when you where born in hospital, but now, or - even why the police needed your exact footprints... Thanks for the smile! This is sooo like me !!

  2. Hihi, nice feet! Now you have to knit nice socks from Cat's book to hide your spay painted feet!

  3. I love your feet. Barefoot is always best. my father used to say that my mother and I were honorary members of teh Blackfoot Tribe. That's prob v unpolitically correct now but it amused us.
    I forget that bare feet make other people freak out and I really upset a colleague of mine when she sees the colour of my soles. Well at least black soles are better than a black soul!

  4. Thanks for the lovely comment on the Kaffe coat!

    As for the painted feet....we've all been there. Or known someone there at least!

  5. It's gone awfully quiet around here, Hope you are ok....You didn't hurt yourself with this, did you?