Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Plethora of Posts

Thanx to all who have commented or sent emails regarding my well being. Yes, I am still alive and kicking. No, nothing is wrong, it's just been an incredibly hectic month(s). Dang, a whole month has pass since I last posted. Egads! Soooo much to blog about!!! If you're looking for knitting/fiber content, you'll have to move on to another post. This one is just lame ramblings about what's been going on, thus the title.....I'm making multiple posts today, 1)so you can easily skip the parts you find boring (can't imagine that's not all of them!) 2)so I can find what I'm looking for when I want to revisit something 3)so a single post isn't war-and-peace-long 4)so I remember to post everything I want too! :-)

As you know, I was a whirling dervish the months of July and August getting things ready for Silly and her BF to visit and it also was a good motivator to get lots of nagging Ms.-Fix-It things around the house done. What I hadn't planned on was getting a job the beginning of August. OK, I didn't really get a job....are you kidding me?!? What? Me work??? But OTH I did.....sort of. For a couple of weeks there, my brother tipped his hat toward the Congressional seat that will be open 2009, but eventually didn't throw his hat into the ring. Oh those were exciting days. Long days. Exhausting days. Exciting nonetheless. Everything came to an end at once. Gillian and Nick went back to Savannah and the campaign trail faded. I took last week off from life, put my feet up (they aren't black anymore) and basked in all the nothing-to-do-ness.

This pass week Joe joined me and together we basked in nothing-to-do-ness. Tuesday. Tuesday Joe had a dumpster delivered to the house. Not one of those little dumpsters you see outside behind the Burger Doodle places, nope one of the big HUGE honkin' dumpsters that is bigger than a NYC apartment! Honest to god I could have lived in that thing. Into the dumpster went every vestige of construction material known to man. All the leftover crap from this house renovation/remodel. Do you have any idea how much of that accumulates?? All those extra pieces of trim, drywall, subflooring, flooring, spackle, joint compound, wire, fixtures, siding, shingles, etc that you can't throw out while you're still doing the work just in case you'll need another piece. Yep, it's all gone, I have a garage now, and I guess this means......OMG.......I guess this means........the renovation/remodel is done!!!!!! WOW

It's been a very long road. We began this remodel in July 2002. We did most if the work ourselves, and we had some major set backs along the way. We both, at different times, loss our mothers, which knocked some wind out our sails. The new roof leaked and destroyed 9 brand new interior walls, and that fiasco took 8 months to rectify putting all other work on hold. And the really spiffy heated tile floor in the bathroom just....just.....well, let's just say, once it was laid, it shortly there after was tore out. We've lived here now for almost 2 years, moving in when the only things that needed to be done were some trim work, painting, staining, and a few Ms-fix-it things. Wow, they are all done.

Ooops, the trim around the patio doors still needs a coat of paint and the trim around the front door needs to be stained.........does it ever end???

I'm kind of liking primer white and raw wood how about you? :-)

And because this has a been a long, nothing but my ramblings post, here's before and after pix of the Hermitage.

Ahhhhhhhh hermitage sweet hermitage.

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