Monday, September 18, 2006

Spaced bleach and splashed bleach

Here are few pics of my play days with bleach. The fibers used were 100% cotton, both recycled from thrift store sweaters.
"Spaced bleach"......Here is a 9yd. skein. The darker color is the original color, the other two sections were created by letting the bleach work it's magic. Obviously the lighter section had the bleach on/in it longer than the middle color. The next photo is a swatch worked up showing what kind of striping it worked out to be. Um, yeah sorry about the wonky stitching!

And this is the only pic of the "splashed-bleach" yarn I have. I'll post some pics of things I've made from it some other time. I call it "splashed bleach" cuz that's exactly what I did. Originally this yarn was once a dark navy, almost black cotton sweater. After making a huge skein from the freshly pulled sweater, I soaked the yarn in water, took the hank outside, laid it on the ground, and randomly splashed bleach straight from the bottle on it. The poor quality of this picture does not do justice to the depth and variety of color this yarn actually has. Perhaps when I get the garment photos up you'll be able to see and appreciate the multitude and depth of color this yarn now has. I'm LOVING it!!!

I can't wait to do this again with other recycled sweaters!!!

Did you notice something new??? Yep paragraphs!! YIPPEE!!! Still a little iffy on the placement of pics though.

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