Monday, September 18, 2006


Huh...I had no clue how few pictures of garments I have!! I really thought I had a fairly good record of most the garments I have made in last few years......I thought wrong. Well one of these days I'll get pics of what I have still hanging around here, and visit the places where some other items reside now. I did find these pics though: A front and back pic of a jacket made quiet a while ago. There are 18 different yarns in this garment and it was crocheted in one piece. OK, make that two pieces, I made the hood separately.

Oh wow...a paragraph!!! (now how the hell did that happen?!?)

Huh...did it again!!!!!

Oh I am soooo liking this!!!!!

Yes, I confess, it's the simple pleasures that really thrill me!!!!

More pics:

Look familiar?? Yep an utter ripoff..........

My first freeform garment:

This is the only pic I have of this vest. It zips up the front. I used a thrift store vest as the base. I have no idea how many different yarns are in this piece. To be honest, it is still a "work-in-process" but I have been wearing it for years. I wonder sometimes if this vest will ever be done. Every now and then I add a bit of surface work here and there, and lately I've been thinking about adding some I said it's still a work in process.

There you have it. See??? I said there weren't many. That is about all the garment pics I have that can be posted at this time. There are others, but I'm thinking about submitting the designs so they won't be showing up here for a while. There are other garments that are NOT my design that I've done but haven't taken any pics....maybe someday I will, but I really don't see the point of taking pics of all the socks, sweaters, scarves, hats, etc. that is all the same old stuff everyone else has done. And of course I have the obligatory closets full of unfinished garments and projects just as most people do. ;-)

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