Monday, September 18, 2006

A load of sari

As promised, here are some pics of what I did to deal with the often/sometimes not-so soft sari silk.
Yep, that's my dishwasher. I'm a lazy person at heart and the thought of simmering 18 skeins of sari silk on the stove just wasn't my cuppa. So I tied each hank multiple times and laid them in a single layer on the top rack of my dishwasher. I did NOT add any detergent...bleach and silk don't like each other very much. I let it go through a complete wash cycle then opened the door and let them cool in their own time. I did NOT let the drying cycle run. BTW the wine bottles (empty) are laying on top of the silk to hold the silk in place. I really had no clue what would happen, and considering all the high power spraying that goes on during a normal wash cycle, I was fearful of a opening the door to a huge tangled mess. As it was there weren't many problems. I would like to caution anyone that might be trying this on their own (is there really anyone else out there that would do this?!?) to be very mindful of where those spinning arms may be in your dishwasher! As carefully as I tied the hanks off and as mindful of their placement on the rack I was, there were some pieces that hung down a bit after they got wet. I shudder to thing what would have happened if one of the threads got wrapped around a spinning water-sprayer-thing. Now I have 18 scrumptiously soft silk hanks and I don't have to worry about them bleeding. I did use some of it already and made an E.Z. mobious vest but that was a mistake. All I can say about that was I got carried away in moment. The silk took several days to dry and I was just itching to make something the second I could use the stuff. The intelligence of the design is completely lost when you use recycled sari silk for that pattern, don't do it!!! For those wondering....yes there was a very slight pinkish color in some areas of my dishwasher, not a problem though. After I removed the hanks I ran an empty dishwasher through another wash cycle with more pink!


  1. Would laying cheese cloth down first, and then the silk, help in preventing the strands from getting tangled?

    Looks like it was a fun experiment Tracy!

  2. EXCELLENT idea Dee!!! Hmmm and if you used something abit more substantial than cheesecloth (if possible) you'd have a coordinated fabric dyed to match! LOL It's IS something to consider. Next load of sari I get I'll give it a try!