Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Birth of Dimensional Tuck Knitting 

The concept of Dimensional Tuck Knitting began with a sewing pattern from a thrift store purchased in January of 2013 and the knitted welts shoulder shaping of a garment I designed in July of 2013.

Dimensional Tuck KnittindDimensional Tucks Knitted welt shaping

McCall’s pattern # 2467 for pleated pillows plus the welted shoulder shaping I used for Claudette equals Dimensional Tuck Knitting.

I’ve always thought of knitting as a fabric that can bend and fold, at my command so why (I often asked myself) should my knitting be limited to the typical horizontal or vertical welts? Understanding the hand sewing method used in the McCall’s pattern where a piece of yardage was pleated in so many directions began my needle play. 

My first two swatches attempting to combine the hand sewing technique of the McCall’s pleated pillows to my knitting were a thrilling success and Dimensional Tuck Knitting was born. Every which way pleats in a knitted fabric, no sewing required!


Next time we meet you’ll get a glimpse of the crazy that went on in my house during the development stage!

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