Friday, May 26, 2017

What is Dimensional Tuck Knitting?

Dimensional Tuck Knitting

In posts to come you can peek behind the scenes of what it is like to imagine, develop, and write a technique based stitch dictionary for a brand-new technique. But first, today, I’ll just tell you what Dimensional Tuck Knitting is.

Dimensional Tuck Knitting is method of fabric manipulation for the hand knitter.

Oh my, fabric manipulation, what a sexy term!

Dimensional Tucks bend/fold/pleat the knit fabric creating a deep surface texture that maintain the pliable squishiness a knitter expects and loves. Some of the stitch patterns look very similar to traditional cables but others have voluptuous shapes rarely seen in the knit world.

Let’s be honest, knitting in general is a rather two-dimensional endeavor. Like taking pen/pencil/paint to paper you can add a little depth and texture by mixing up knits, purls, or throwing in a dash of color. The result, albeit beautiful, still somewhat flat. Add bobbles or cables and you’re on your way to adding some real measurable depth. Use Dimensional Tuck stitch patterns and now you’re talking real depth.

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