Sunday, October 26, 2008

Whirling Dervish I

I finally got around to winding up the plied, still languishing on the bobbins, Whirling Dervish I project. This yarn is the stuff I tried to to dye then spin, hoping to get a Kauni type yarn. You can see further explanations of my adventure doing this here, and here.

I had some issues today with one my swifts. It decided to fall apart halfway through the winding process, but I salvaged it as best I could and wound on. It's a shame I wound this up stairs in the front room, the lighting as terrible for photos and it looked so pretty on the swift.

Then my ball winder decided to develop a wobble.....sigh. I adjusted it as much as I could, there really wasn't anything wrong, except one tiny, thing. It seems the cone part of my ball winder itself has become warped......sigh. I never dreamed that could happen but it has. I usually have this winder set up ready to wind at all times on an old wooden ironing board I've cut, and bored holes and slots into to accommodate my sifts and winders. It's kinda like a "winding station" in my workroom. Unfortunately, way back, when we were having those bats flying around in the house, I wasn't very comfortable upstairs at night so my swifts and winders found themselves off their appointed places on the winding station and literally scattered around the house. The winder I used today had been sitting on a table, on its side, in the sunlight months(?). Now the cone part is lopsided....sigh

It now winds some pretty ugly balls. Notice the concave-y-ness of those balls? That is only part of the problem, it doesn't show up too much in the pix but see how one side of each ball is kind of loopy? That's cuz the ball itself is waaay taller on that side then the other and it falls inward.....sigh.

But I am pretty happy with the yarn itself. :o)

Definitely not my colors but I think it will work well and be wearable in a colorwork pattern. I think I'll pair it with a dark navy for the groundwork.

In other knitting/spinning news I don't have a lot to show you. Yes I've been spinning it is just more fiber from the Motherload in shades of brown. Pretty boring pix so I won't bother. I've been knitting a lot of little things lately. A few scarves, neckwarmers and some gaunlets any one, all, or none will be for a fund raising event my SIL is helping organize. I couldn't decide just what kind of knitted/handmade item she wanted or what might be desirable to people I don't even know so I'm making several, they can pick and chose or not.

I'll have pix and details on those pieces as soon as I get them all blocked. I'm saving them all for one big day of blocking...hope I have enough pins! LOL

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  1. Be-you-tee-full yarn! I love long drafts of color like that, but then can't figure what to do with them.
    Sorry about your winder... that's a pain.

    Enjoyed your post on the crop duster too... that's about when I started.

    ~~happy knitting!