Monday, October 20, 2008


This past Saturday was the SpinIn sponsored by the Bishop Hill Fiber Guild. It was fabulous as always. The men and women of the guild have once again out done themselves. It is/was a fiber filled day at an extremely low, low, price. Tell me please, when you have ever gone to a fiber conference and the total cost of attendance plus lunch with choice of attending two classes throughout the day (not to mention the on going knitting, crocheting, drop spindle, and spinning workshops) was $18.00 ($12 w/o lunch) for the early bird registration and a whopping $21.00 ($15.00 w/o lunch) for day of registration. Guess I should have posted a reminder of the upcoming SpinIn rather than reviewing it after the fact, huh. Just to rub it in and be a bigger schmuck than I am being right now, you can go here and see what you missed.

I promise to remind you guys before it happens next year, but just in case I forget next year too...mark your calendars for the 2nd Saturday in October, it typically falls on that day.

I didn't actually take any classes this year, I was too busy hanging with met-for-the-first-time-in-real-life Ravelry peeps! I also spent a good deal of time hanging out in the spinning wheel circle. Part of my circle time was spent teaching a wanna be spinner, Sister Mary Stephen, and briefly helping Sister Mary Lawrence, and Brother Gregory also wanna be spinners. It totally flipped me out that they were there and I was compelled to help them. I don't why, I suppose cuz the whole full habit thing churned up childhood memories of Sister Mary Francis one of my best loved teachers. Thank god Sister Lizarian didn't come to mind otherwise I would have fled screaming incoherently and prob'ly found later cowering in a bale of fleece fretting over the specter of ruler blistered palms. The other part of my circle time was spent wheel hopping. There were several types and brands of wheels for anyone to try. Louet, Ladybugs, Ashfords, etc.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not really in the market for a new wheel. I love Levi my Babe's Fiber Garden Wheel. But I did want to see how well Levi held his own compared to other wheels on the market. Levi did beautifully. IMHO he out did most brands and styles, was dead even with one other, but did lose just a tad bit to the new objects of my lust.
Majacraft's Little Gem and a woolee winder. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

But I like Jimmy Carter will merely lust in my heart. I'm not going to spend that much $$ for a wheel, nor for a woolee winder. Although you won't hold it against me if I do succumb will you?

And to continue in the same frame of mind, or rather a lusting heart...

While I did not attend any classes at SpinIn one of the classes I was considering was the class on spinning luxury fibers. At the end of the day I ran into the teacher and mentioned that I had considered attending her class and she graciously offer me the handouts for the class and all the fiber samples. YUM!

Most of the samples are in sliver, top, and cloud forms. The fibers themselves are Quivet, Quivet/silk blend, Camel, Baby Camel, Cashmere, Mohair lock, Silk top and Silk hankie, Yak and Bison. YUM YUM YUM More lusty reporting after I get a chance to spin these fibers will be forth coming.

I haven't knitted a stitch since Saturday. I've been spinning, thus all of Whirling Dervish I is spun. So far so good, I can't wait to begin plying! Unfortunately most of what you can see here is yellow but believe me there are plenty of other colors in there. :o)


  1. I love love love my Woolee Winder! But I wouldn't have spent the money for one either. My husband actually saw one in a spinning magazine that was lying around and called the company. With their help, he secretly ordered the right one for my wheel and gave it to me for my birthday. Major bonus points to him!

  2. Oh my gosh, you are so lucky!!! That spinning conference sounds wonderful. I'm in Kansas City, not THAT far away.

  3. Okay, I'm STILL scratching my head about you not taking classes though. That class on blending fibers, and the one on creative fancy yarn, and the one on microwave dyeing are all ones I would have been thrilled to attend. Sounds like a fantastic guild. Will definitely mark my calendar for next year.