Thursday, January 31, 2008

I think I found it

The "it" being the pattern I want to use this yarn with.

The pattern is the Taos Bi-Directional, by Crystal Palace.

This is how far I got this afternoon.

No, your monitor isn't faulty nor did the camera fail to render the proper color, this piece of knitting is in shades of blue. The yarn I want to use is Lorna's Laces Swirl DK in the colorway of Iris Garden which is purple, pink, and melon. Why am I using this 100% reclaimed cotton in blues? Simple, I like the pattern, but of course I have to change it, so instead of abusing the fabulous LL Swirl with all the trial and error I anticipate, I'll abuse this reclaimed yarn first.

The cotton I'm using might look vaguely familiar to some of you. It's the Spaced Bleached Cotton I created sometime ago. It has a similar color spacing/frequency as the LL Swirl does. So far I like the way it looks.

The biggest change I have in mind for the pattern is sleeves. I'm going to give Barbara Walker's top down cap sleeve a try. In doing so I'm also going to consider incorporating the same block pattern down the length of the sleeve, and hopefully across the shoulders. I also hope to make this in one piece. Therein lies the trouble. The design of the top is a little different and while I think I'm getting my brain wrapped around the construction, I need to be sure. Thus the need/desire to make a prototype.

I wonder if I'll have yardage issues....LOLOLOL


  1. That's some seriously pretty LL. It'll look great in that pattern.

  2. I love the pattern you chose and can't wait to see how yours turns out with sleeves. I may have to tag the vest as a must have for myself after a few changes/additions to the original pattern.