Monday, November 05, 2007


As promised, but of course a day late, the Coriolis sock from Cat Bordhi's New Path Ways for Sock Knitters.

Tech Stuff:
Yarn: Moda Dea Sassy Stripes
#4 needles

Numero uno comment is obviously, I love this pattern and adore the book. I tried a reinforced heel on these, not thrilled with it. Personally I don't see the purpose of it. I don't ever have a problem with the heel wearing out on my socks and I don't like the way it feels. I won't be doing this heel again.

I did swirl the other sock in the opposite direction, but I think more pix would be kind of silly.

I've got tons of yarn left over. I used two balls and have nearly an entire ball worth left. I've used this yarn before and I don't remember having this much yarn left over. Maybe I only used one ball for the other pairs, but that doesn't sound right. Oh well, Sillian likes those little anklet/no cuff socks, guess I'll use the leftovers for a pair of those.

These are the second pair of this pattern I've made so far, not counting the baby sock size. I've never wanted to take pix of them cuz,
1) they looks sooooo goofy just laying there and I was afraid people would shy away from the pattern.
2) It's not easy taking pix of sock when you're wearing them.

See how weird they look just laying there?

I've toyed with the thought of getting or making some sock blockers for quite some time, but that idea was waaaay down towards the bottom of my list of things to do. I'm mean really, I'm not a dedicated sock knitter, I usually only churn out plain no frills socks. Socks to me are just a convenient small knit on the go type thing. So what would be the point of showing off something so ordinary and spending the time and/or $$ on sock blockers. On the other hand since I got my copy of Cat's book, and I've been making my way through all the different "sockitectures" the wantoned desire of a sock blocker has been piqued. The patterns in the book are fabulous but when photographed just lying there, well let's be frank, some of them look as if they were made for a feet not of the human size, shape and proportions. Then, a couple of weeks ago, at the SpinIn I found this:

Oh yeah!!!! There was whole box of them for $3.00 each! I considered of course buying two, but alas this was the only knee high leg in the tangle of limbs. Plus it matches my foot and leg measurements perfectly. Oh how could I possibly pass this baby up?? The new "sockitectures" will photograph well, plus it adds an air of completion to my workroom space. I have several body pieces and parts. I've spoke of my girls before, Vivian, Selma, and Chloe, my dressforms, I also have four heads, 6 hanging half torsos, a hand and now a leg. I'm feeling almost Frankensteinish complete, but as creepy as it all is, I'm thrilled.

And now just for giggles. Remember the socks I knitted for Joe for the Oktoberfest? I said I thought they'd be thigh highs on me...what do you think? :o)


  1. That's what I thought of the socks lying there as well. Klumpfoot, or something, not human at all, but put it on a foot or fake foot, they are so pretty! I've got to get me one of those fake legs. It's so hard to make nice pictures with socks on your own feet. I could need a couple of heads as well, maybe a beautiful hand or two for mittens and stuff. Oh, that's what my heart wants, besides yarn. I need to get bakc to Cat's book and make me a pair of Corilis. I always liked this pattern.

  2. Hey, I *thought* that looked like a mannequin leg when I saw these socks on Ravelry, but I wasn't sure. What a great find, and you know I love the socks!

  3. I think you should put stockings and a lampshade on that leg a la "Christmas Story." :)