Monday, July 30, 2007

Awww Schucks

Added 8/8/7

OK this REALLY shows how much of an idiot I am......
Monika from Smokin Hot Needles graciously bestowed upon me the Creative Blogger Award eons like back in July!!! I honestly thought I posted this but today noticed that I still had merely as a draft.....I'm such an idiot! Here's the post I wrote but never posted!.....sheesh

Wow, will wonders never cease!!! I
got a Creative Blogger Award!!! Thanks to Monika who nominated me, and to the blog that stared it all.

Like Monka, it took me a while to narrow down the blogs I find worthy of such an award. That didn't go too well....there were STILL waaay more than the 5 that I am allowed to pass the torch to. So I figured I had to come up with something else as a criterion so I chose to nominate blogs that don't get that much traffic, or at least according to bloglines, don't have a mega number of subscribers. I haven't limited my selection to just one type of blog either, meaning that the blog listed may or may not be a knitting, crocheting, sewing, etc. but you can prob'ly guess that it has some kind of fiber/needlework to it! :-)

So without further ado, my nominations.....please troll them at your leisure. BTW, I hope none of these blogger get upset with me, I usually only lurk there myself and most don't know me from Adam! :-)

Claudia: Heal my Life Claudia does know me if she thinks hard about it!

Karren: Entwinements incredible silk dyeing

Red Swirl I don't even know her name!

Claudine: Couture Details I'm in awe of her seamstress-ness wish she'd post more though, she's posts less than I do!!!!!

Knit One, Purl.....Too Again another of whom I don't know her name

So you creative bloggers....go to the blog that originated the Creative Blogger Award, grab a button and nominate your own favorites! There are actually 5 different awards on the original site, make them all Creative Bloggers or choose a different award to pass on!

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