Sunday, June 17, 2007

Swirl Bag

This is one of the things I've been doing lately, but before you look at the pix I need to warn you. The colors are YUCK.

To recap what I've said here before.....I often just use "waste" yarns when I'm experimenting. Thus, I don't always have pleasing color combinations, nor do I often have enough of the same color and just pick up the next color in the waste pile at any time I run out of my working yarn. Soooo the colors in this bag and where they appear are NOT intentional. Not that I have a fabulous sense of color when I try, I'm just saying, even I know some of these colors are YUCK this time! :-)

As I mentioned in a previous post, Debbie New is my Hero. :-)

I used EZ's I-cord belt to make the gusset. It's worked on 9 stitches instead of 7, and tapered to a single cord at the edges. You can kinda see the taper in the second pic.

The back side of the bag is the same but with the navy and red reversed. I don't mind having the green gusset, but when I had to use the gold for the handles and then even had to use that fugly mauve to complete the second handle this bag quickly went from something I might use in public to a stay at home project bag!

I have other swirl bags, of different swirls, shapes and sizes, all figured out and can't wait to make them too, but I think I like this one so much I'll cast on one with an acceptable color scheme tonight. Once you get started, it is such a mindless quick knit. After the set-up there's no need for a pattern. You can easily start and stop at any point and come back hours or days later and know exactly what you have to do next. LOVE to have a couple of projects like that on the needles. Lord knows, I'm a tad bit ADD and walk away from things often. lol

I used approximately 700 yards of Lion Brand kitchen cotton and Sugar n Cream . It is worked on #10 needles with 2 strands held together throughout. 13 stitches = 4 inches....I said it was quick!! The next bag I might work in a smaller gauge. The only problem is, I know I have enough stash cotton to work it in this gauge, will I have enough yardage for a smaller gauge.....sigh.....another not to be seen in public bag????

Monika...just for you darling.......more shirt bags!! Slightly better pix!!! :-P

See the cuff that is buttoned around the handle? It holds the folded up bag in a nice tiny bundle.

And here are few more shirt bags. I've been using them everywhere and I love them!

Not sure what tomorrow (or the next time I post, giggle/snort) will be. Either the felted vessels and beads or the EZ surprise with a touch of DN inspiration. Some of the felt pieces still need some work and the surprise with a touch experiment is even more fugly than the color combo of this bag. Even I, the person who had the nerve to use that gold and mauve in the swirl bag will not subject anyone to that experiment! A new better coordinated version is nearly complete. Prob'ly another hour or so of knitting, guess I'll either finish up the felt or finish the sweater before I cast on for another swirl will give me time to really get paranoid about not having enough yardage for the smaller gauge!


  1. Wow, I'm in awe! Before I read, I look at pictures, and before you said the swirl bag is too ugly for using in public, I thought, that looks great - still do! I can't believe what you come up with all the time, and thank you, the shirt bag pics are not bad! That they fold up and can be stored, genius!!! I've got lots and lots of shirts nobody's wearing and I've got tons of cotton (collected at the first Mason Dixon dishcloth-rush). You are amazing. I'm always looking forward what will come next. :o)

  2. I love your work ! original !!