Tuesday, June 19, 2007

EZ Baby Surprise with a twist

Here is the first prototype of EZ's Baby Surprise with a twist worked in a nearly acceptable color combo, but of course I ran out of yarn again.......(giggle/snort) Being able to block it would help immensely, but this is acrylic yarn.

Pretty much the same, as the original, but I wanted to see if I could get the mitered look on the lowers half......yep, mission accomplished. I've got another on the needles with the mitered look on the lower half rotated so the stripes match and it radiates from the armpit.

Basically this the same concept as EZ's sweater, the only real seam is at the shoulder line, but it also has with a couple of pickup-the-edge-stitch-and-knit-together. An intriguing aspect of this design is that the sleeves can be lengthened a couple of different ways, and not by just adding more rows on the cuff, so adult sizing would be a snap and not just a bunch of add rows of stripes. Bodice length can be increased by stacking another "unit" of miters.

I do have to give a nod to Debbie New also, I've used some concepts I learned from her as well to make this.

BTW, the cuff stitches are still live in these pix, I still want to play with some sleeve lengthening, stuff. I didn't bother with button holes on the trim, and now that I look at it again, I see that I sewed my shoulders seams a little too far and the neck is pretty small! Ooops!

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  1. I like Debbie New too. I've got her beautiful book and am always amazed when I look through it. But would that inspire me to some experimental knitting like you do? NO. My brain just doesn't work that way. But it's time to look through the book again.
    Your are just as amazing with your expermiments!