Friday, June 01, 2007

On the Street Where I Live

This is where I live:

I suppose this is not very interesting for many, but to me it is fascinating on multiple levels. I guess the fact that I have my degree in Geological Sciences is explanation enough for some of my enjoyment. Yes, I have a degree in the field of Science that includes that blow-off freshmen class most seniors take, typically called, "Rocks for Jocks". BTW, just so you know, most (?) Professors blow that class off too! I taught two sections as a junior when I was in school...his name was on the syllabus, his ass was in his office, and I was at the head of the class. lol

Anyway, even though photos like this many not impress you for what they are, don't the patterns look pretty? :-)

So my knitting mojo came back......for a little while. It's still lurking about, and I'm working on a summer top, but it has lost a lot of it's intensity. I've been keeping busy with other pursuits. None of which I care to talk about, but I have taken some breaks and turned to my fibers.

I've been doing a bit of felting this past week. Felted beads/balls, bracelets, and vessels. Nothing overly exciting, just a few more experiments. I intend to take them to another level, but well keep all that info for another day.

Ooops gotta go, the squall line is at last in view....I gotta go watch the storm roll in.....yep I'm a geek, but you knew that already.

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