Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dressing a pot

Yesterday was moving day. I have approximately 4 moving days a year. No, I don't change my address, but I do change my residence. I move furniture from room to room, upstairs, downstairs, re-hang pictures and swap out tables and lamps. I change things around to such an extent that a room may end up having a totally new purpose. Living room might become the dinning room, dinning room might become a family room. Consequently, I'm usually inspired to make something new. The something new usually entails sewing and generally I paint something too. Tomorrow will be new curtains for the sitting room and a new slip cover for a chair, but today I finally took care of an ugly plastic pot that's been bugging me since I got the plant.

Here is the before shot. Yeah I know, I have to water that poor tree, but it gets so dang heavy when it's been watered and I knew a moving day was looming, I could feel it.

And now it looks like this:

It was a quickie refashion of the this blouse.

I picked up this '80's blouse at the GW eons ago. The colors in the this photo are almost right, but they are deeper and richer. I tried to get the details of its construction but as you can see they don't show too well. The major points of interest are the hidden button closure up the front, it is collarless, and has an elastic waistband. Perfect, the elastic band snugs nicely around the bottom of the pot, I buttoned it up the back, pulled the sleeves inside, stuffed it with plastic bags and made some gigantic running stitches around the top to cinch it in. Stuffing it took the most time. LOL So aside from the huge running stitches, I didn't do anything else to this blouse so I will in the future still be able use it as a lining for a bag which is why I bought it in the first place. Ooops, yes I did, I removed the ginormous shoulder pads. :-)

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