Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Gone too long

K, sorry I've been gone so very long. Tons and tons of reasons but not a lot to show for it, at least not today.

I've been diligently trying to finish loooong stagnant UFO's. Pix will come at some point....maybe. :-)

I've been cleaning/organizing my workroom that has been neglected for months and months.

I've been sewing a bit...joined the wardrobe refashion group. Having a blast reworking things.

I've been knitting to a deadline...pattern sold...yea.

And then of course the usual and unusual events of life. Some usual events being Crazy Lady things I'll have to tell ya about some day. Did you know that bats can wake from hibernating for apparently no reason? Did you know a cat can set it's tail on fire and walk around like nothing is wrong?

So as an appeasement I offer the following link:

A nifty little program that converts a jpeg (and other files) into a knitting chart, and sends it to you as a pdf. Haven't had the time to play with it much myself, but it's on the list!! LOL...the never ending list! :-P

BTW anyone out there have a couple skeins of Wool Ease sportweight in green heather????? I've lost the last 2 balls I had (along with my fav knitting bag and everything else that was in it)...hold on I've got take a minute know how it is....sigh.....I've got 1.5 sleeves to go on my Lucy Ricardo swing coat and I've lost the last of the yarn!!!

I bought that yarn off a clearance rack at Tuesday Mornings couple of years ago. I wrote the pattern last winter, and started it last spring/summer. It was one of those comforting mindless mega yardage things that you picked up and put down many many times. Last time I saw the now missing balls (and bag) was September for sure, maybe wishful memories of it the end of Dec....I'm heartsick.

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  1. Well Congrats on the sold pattern. I'm curious what it is. It seems there's a lot going on at your place, please tell me the cat on fire was a joke! ;o)
    Sorry to hear you've lost your knitting bag and all ... Hope you'll find the yarn somewhere!