Saturday, January 20, 2007



Found McCormick's "Neon!" food coloring today.

The box says, purple, pink, green and blue. WOW real purple??? Could that be true?? The cap on the bottle is more fuchsia than purple in my opinion. Is the blue really blue blue?? The cap looks turquoise. I wonder how long these colors have been available. I haven't looked at the food coloring section for years.

I wonder if this a good thing or a bad omen........we're suppose to get another 3-5 inches tonight. Now for anyone who is use to a REAL winter season this much snow is perhaps, at most, a nuisance for a hour or two....BUT....out here in the middle of nowhere, if there is wind too, this much snow could mean being snowed in for days until the wind stops. Only time will tell. Not a problem for me though...I've got some new dye to play with!!!

Tonight I will gather small jars, cut lengths of wool, and draw up a dye chart. It's been a while since I've done any experiments. :-)

Sorry there are no pix. There will be plenty soon. This past week I made a pair of FT clogs, a felted cat bed, and my very first lace project. I made that free wimple pattern that is out there. I don't have the link cuz I'm on the wrong laptop right now.....(that's also why there aren't any pix in this post) Pix and links tomorrow.

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  1. Wow, your recipe for dyeing with Jell-O is listed in the new book WHILE MY PRETTY ONE KNITS by Anne Canadeo - you are a star! I read your blog section on dyeing with Jell-O & my knit group friends (& myself) are going to try it.