Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Patio Party

The Hermitage was the site for Saturday's yarn dyeing patio party with several of my Friday Lunch and Knit buddies. The goddesses must have approved, the weather was great, if not a tad bit breezy, but it was sunny and pleasant. Not many, if any of my buddies, had ever dyed before so it was a busy day. Too busy in fact for me to even remember to take photos!! sigh.....

I did manage to get a couple of pix taken in the very beginning, unfortunately not everyone is pictured and no photos of finished yarns. (I know, I'm kicking myself, what a lousy blogger.) Hopefully I'll get some pix from those who were here and can post their photos another time.

I had the patio set-up so we had a place to wind balls and hanks, a table with the dyes (all food coloring, a gel paste I bought from Into the Oven) and a table in the yard for painting the yarn. The kitchen table was left for all the fabulous food everyone bought. Oh YUM!!! we were grazing ALL day, not to mention the impromptu wine tasting we had and the Chocolate Syrup Kahlua. :o)

Everyone did a fabulous job of dyeing their yarns. We had some truly drop dead gorgeous reds, several beautiful blue/purple variegated, some very pretty green with bits of pink, purple, and yellow, a happy happy rainbow that reminds me of the Grateful Dead dancing bear, and even had a marvelous polka dot! We also resurrected a family heirloom that was originally pink but had faded to the point of not being wearable. Now it has a marvelous blue/purple kettle dyed yarn look to it and is definitely wearable once again. Looking back on the days events I can't help but giggle when I think about all the knitting demons that were here that day and not one single stitch was created. Ya know, come to think of it, I'm not sure knitting was even discussed!

Here are a few pix I did managed to take early in the day, and a shot of the yarn I dyed using up all the left overs later that evening.

Oh yeah in case you're wondering, we painted/zapped, and also kettle dyed. My yarns reading from left to right 330m of Shepherd Baby Wool that was originally light green (the color now is a little more teal) 180yards Aerobic originally peach, and 2 skeins of STR medium wt (380 yards each) Um yeah remember it's a BOY! :o)

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  1. Looks like you guys had a blast! Wish I could have been there.