Monday, February 16, 2009


I got all Susie Homemaker today.....


I've been dying to try this and finally got my time frame figured out so we could have a nice warm bread for dinner at 7:30 PM.

And again I say yum.

It might take a bazillion hours from bag of flour to this but the amount of work is nada. Watch this video and you too can have a lovely loaf of bread with very little effort.

Joe really liked it and that is saying something considering his mother use to bake fresh bread everyday. I cheated, this is a no knead bread, hers was the old fashion kind with mashed potatoes in the dough and kneaded. I've tried her recipe and many many others over the years. Kneaded bread recipes and I don't get along. This no knead recipe makes a nice family sized loaf, which is way more than Joe and I need. I'm going to try and cut the recipe or at the very least make two loaves out of this dough. I'm not sure how well it holds up once the loaf has been cut, but I'm really looking forward to having some for breakfast with maybe a little honey or some jam my SIL made.

As far as other news around the Hermitage to report there isn't much. I've been working more sample pieces of the Viking Knitting. No point of pix cuz a chain is a chain, is a chain. I've also begun a sweater for my cousin's bf. It is of course a Drops pattern, #85-23. I'll get pix up when I have a little bit more done. I've got both sleeves up to the elbow and two twists of the cable on the body done....still not picture worthy. I wonder if the curse of the boyfriend sweater applies when the knitter is not the girlfriend?

I did get some goodies in the mail on Friday, Melissa Leapman's Continuous Cables, Margarets Radcliffe's Essential Guide to Color Knitting Techniques, and Elise Duvekot's Knit One Below. I'm thrilled! More than pleased with each and every one of them. WOW

Oh yeah, btw, if you are a member in Ravelry, and you're looking to buy any of these books, (or anything else from Amazon) remember to link through Ravelry, Jess and Casey get a kickback if you do. :o)

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  1. I got all Susie Homemaker today, too, but in my case it involved scrubbing out three bathrooms. I think I like your day better. The bread looks delicious!