Sunday, January 25, 2009


  1. to keep pleasantly or enjoyably occupied or interested; entertain we amused ourselves with games
And yes, I was thoroughly amused.

My unblocked, ends dangling, binderclip closures, version. I like this pattern. Rav link here.

Love, love, love this reversible cable!

Not loving how it's wonky at the back of the neck, but I'm sure that will work itself out in the blocking. If not, a few whip stitches here and there on the inside will tame the bulge.

I used this yarn, stuff that I dyed a while ago and is nearly as old as I am, Bear Brand twin pack, from an estate sale. The pix in the link are truer to the color but even warmer, it is definitely brown not so raw meat-like as in these pix.

I started this sweater just before X-mas. Went gangbusters on it working both sleeves and getting about 6 inches below the armpits in just a couple of days. Then I ran out of yarn. Dang. I put it away and thought about it for a while. I really didn't think I'd be able to recreate the coloring. The original yarn had prob'ly been in 7 or 8 different dye pots to get the mottled brown/rust/navy colorway I was sure I couldn't do it again. I came sooooo close to ripping it out I can't believe I restrained myself. I suppose it was the fact that I really really love the coloring of this sweater is what pushed me on to try dyeing some more.

I had a few skeins from the original batch that were a little more cooler than warmer in overall coloring and a tad brighter on the orangey/rust side of the equation, so I crossed my fingers and threw it in and warm olive green dye pot. Is it exact? Nope. Is it close enough? Yep. The navey parts of the original dye lot are a dark almost black green in the second batch, but you really have to know what you're looking for to notice. I took the sweater to my Friday Lunch group and all professed they couldn't see the difference. Maybe they're just being nice, I can see it with no problem, but then again I don't care about it either. :o)

Overall pattern critique:
Well written. The yoke is kind of a PITA to work cuz the increase rows are at odds with the cable rows but it's only painful for a little while. Once you reach the point where you're just about to give up on the frustratingly constant row counting you're done with it. Just plan on working the yoke when you have time to pay attention, it's not a chat-with-the-girls kind of knit.

Obviously I changed somethings on this pattern. The most apparent being I made a cardigan and not a pullover. That was a no brainer change. I also lengthened the sleeves, I don't get 3/4 sleeves. Yes, I push my sleeves up all the time, but to knit them at length?!? Not my style. After deciding to make this a cardigan and not a pullover of course the ribbing was going to be all wrong so I opted for a boarder of the cabling all around. I took into consideration the drawing in of the fabric caused by all that cabling and increased the stitch count between the front edge cables from the original 108 stitches to 178 stitches.

If I was to knit this again (and I might) I'd consider increasing the width of the sleeves. I have pretty skinny arms and I think the sleeves are on the snug side, especially if you want to wear this over something. Over bare arms? Then maybe they aren't too snug.

I haven't decided on what type of closure, if any, I'll put on this. Maybe a zipper, maybe some big loopy toggle clasps. I'll see what moves me after I've blocked it.


  1. It amazes me, how you play with patterns, and come up with something you like. I don't dare to do that, not with garments. I'm so glad you could dye some yarn, that does NOT show. I can't see a difference.

  2. It's great! I'm so glad you found a solution to your yarn shortage. My favourite thing about this sweater is the cabling all around the bottom.
    The whole thing is pretty pretty pretty.....(I'm quite fond of the colour too!)

  3. I love your finish - it looks nice and cosy, but smart too - always tricky to find.