Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I know, I know it's been forever since I've blogged. I even began going through pix I've taken over the last couple weeks to create a single huge catch-up post. It soon proved to be overwhelming. Waaay too many things to tell you, waaaay too many knitting FO's to show off, even if I do have pix of less than half of them. Suffice to say, I didn't really plan on doing any Holiday knitting, but with the many days of being homebound due to snow, ice, blowing snow and power outage I did in fact get a LOT knitted. Nearly everyone at our big family x-mas that was psotponed until Sunday, got a little something handknitted by me, those who didn't as well as some repeat "customers" have placed their orders for more. It's really nice to have some goals in mind when picking up the needles and casting on.

OK enough catching up, on to the real reason that finally prompted me to write a new post.

Vindication. It is an excellent motivator. Yes, I'm feeling snarky and smug. Joe has thought I was crazy for nearly a year, now I have proof it is not so. OK it is true in most aspects in my life I am in fact a tad bit "touched" but there is this one thing for which I was thought to be crazy, delusional, or perhaps merely hallcinating but now I have proof that he was grossly mistaken in doubting me.......Last year I saw a black bear not too far from the house and now I have proof that the creature does exist. On the Quad City news tonight they showed pix of the bear. Here is a link to the story.

Ahhhhh I feel so good right now. Crazy for crazy's sake is one thing, crazy because of doubt is damaging to one's psyche.


  1. welcome back! and, isn't it nice to be right?

    happy new year! V

  2. Oh...I would live in the town of smugness for at least a week hehehe LOL

    I love being right!

  3. Tom and I were hiking last year and swear we came across a bear print. Kind of scary as we were "in the woods" with no short cut out. We also "saw" a cougar in a field this past summer. We were on the motorcycle so didn't really want to "turn around" and investigate. We both saw it quite clearly - and a rather large one at that! It is one of those moments were do you really say - Did you see that? LOL

  4. Wow. I'm glad you didn't imagine it, and yet at the same time kind of startled and ...eek!
    I wonder what it's doing in this area? Did someone have a bear get loose and we never heard about it??

  5. Ahemmm... I think I may have just preferred being a wee bit mad to having a flaming BEAR in my back garden! :)