Monday, December 08, 2008

Braggin'on my boy

....again. But I'm pretty sure you're gonna love this.

Toraason Glass from Videogénique on Vimeo.

The one in the lighter shirt with the ball cap on, is Bart Grawey my son. Hiram Toraason is the other dude whom I love as a son.


  1. Brag on Mama! That's so cool....they're havin' a blast.

  2. Wow- I liked the part where they made this snakey long glass thing. :o) They seem to have fun at work. :o)

  3. That is sooo cool!

    When H and I went on our first anniversary in Niagara falls we visited this glass place and watched them make a few things....H thought it was weird that I wanted to stay forever...and JUST. KEEP. WATCHING. because it's so flipping cool!

  4. Wicked cool! What was that long, snakey thing they were making?

  5. Wow Trac! Very talented young man! Really do want to visit his studio one of these days!