Tuesday, November 04, 2008






381 yards of 3 ply.

59 yards of Navajo ply.

total yardage 440 yards.

I like it. Even though I tried, really tried, to spin tiny, it still came out around about a worsted weight.....sigh If I had only made a two ply I would have like the wt. much better, but considering I was intending to knit socks, I thought I ought to make a 3ply. I could be mistaken, but I'm sure I read somewhere sock yarn should be a 3ply for durability. Oh well, I'll still make socks they will just be extra thick and should make my too big clogs fit well. :o)

The little bit that is Navajo plied is what as left on two of the bobbins after plying. I like the longer non-tweedy coloring. I'll use this bit on the toes and heels, or maybe just on the cuff. I'm thinking about trying the Chevalier pattern. (Ravelry link)

I also knitted a few Clemence, (non-Rav link here) which are, as of now, my most fav neckwarmer pattern. The green/blue one is made with the Balmoral I dyed earlier this week. It started out a light sage green, I really, really, like this. The purple one is ONLine Lambswool 112.

I've got a whole project basket filled with odd balls of yarn to make more of these. The outer "lace" shell takes about 80 yards and the inner (optional) lining takes a tad bit more. It is a perfect project for all those odd special fiber balls we have laying around.

I've made these true to the pattern without modification except, (you knew there would be an exception didn't you?) after the last repeat of the lace pattern I work 2 rounds of knit, 1 round of purl, and another round of knit, (the purl round just makes for a better turning round) Then I change to a needle one size smaller to complete the lining.

Off to go watch the returns, hope I don't lose count on the now memorized lace pattern! :o)


  1. Gorgeous yarn! Great neckwarmer pattern...

  2. Nice, Nice, Nice and Nice!

    I like it all...cool neckwarmer pattern...I'd never considered knitting one... you make me rethink...

  3. You are right, I've read that too, that 3-ply is better for socks! Makes sense, don't you think? Nice yarn, you've got there, and I like the neck warmers as well. Do you have to line them?