Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Ya know how cows spend their entire day grazing. They eat for a while then lay about chewing their cud (all the while looking very contemplative and content), then they eat some more, and the cycle repeats itself. I've been a cow.

A cow has four chambers in it's stomach rumen, reticulum, omasum, and abomasum. The rumen, is the first compartment where everything goes and the good stuff, like sweet tender grasses and such pass through there onward to the other parts of the stomach to get absorbed and digested further. The flotsam and jetsam of their foraging, the stuff which is harder to digest or the stuff that really should not have been eaten at all but got scarfed up while grazing, is spit back up from the rumen for another go around through the teeth. This is the cud part, a "lets try that again I've got to chew on it a little more" thing if you will. Hopefully after a few go a-rounds with "I've got to chew on that a little more" everything passes on through.

This is how my days have been spent of late, chewing the cud of what is/was attempts at sizing the mousetraps for babies, kids, and adults, along with numerous other variations. I've had some successes, and a whole lot of jetsam. lol

I know I could figure a neat and tidy algebraic equation to whip all this out in a flash, but alas, while the gray matter is still churning out ideas, it is still also stuck in the no math zone. Case in point, I've made several errors by my inability to count by two's!!!.....sigh....Nonetheless, I carry on.

Four newly sized booties to felt, the sweet tender grasses so to speak.

Pix of "finished" felted booties/slippies to come, and I'm still chewing on a lot of cud, but I really, really, gotta put down the needles and the pen and paper and get the house ready for Gillian's arrival home for the holidays. Then of course there's that Turkey Day thing that is coming some time this week. ;-)


  1. Those are cute...can't wait to see them felted up.

  2. My alternate title for this post is "Rabbits" as in...these little sock thingies are breeding like rabbits :-)
    Very cute....I'll be waiting to see the felted pics :-D