Thursday, October 09, 2008


OK peeps you know once I get something in my brain I just gotta do it, right? So for the last month or so I've been working on a new sweater. Not necessarily any particular sweater, but more like a method of making a sweater wwith a variety of design elements. So far I'm on "Prototype VII" Yep, that's a seven, and no, I haven't really knitted 7 sweaters, but I have made 7 half sweaters. Let's not count the sketches OK? I can get carried away at times it seems. lol

It's been great fun churning up the gray matter like this. To be brief, the construction isn't all that special per se. It starts at the cuff and meets in the middle. I'm thrilled with the set in sleeve without the need for seaming though. You know me and seaming....ICK. So like I said, I've been churning out various renditions of the theme. I've got it worked in a bulky gauge (11 sts to 4 inches) and in a much smaller gauge (6 stitches to 4 inches). I've got cables meandering around, peplums, empire waists with full flirty lower bodices, as well as 40's-50's style swing coat variety, not to mention v-neck, crew, cardigan and pullover. Waaaay too many sweaters to comprehend and that's not counting those in my Ravelry queue! LOL

On Saturday the Antropologies group on Ravelry turned me on to this sweater. It's not from an Antropologies catalog but it can be purchased at Barney's in NY.

I dang near fell off my chair. Aside from the Rev. Stk. St and the over size collar, it is nearly identical to my Prototype V! LOL So ya know, I had to make it, just cuz I could.

I really hate the increases and decreases I used on this, and I'm not really thrilled with the yarn either, but it was merely an exercise in mimicry so why bother with the good stuff. Right? I have now begun in another in better yarn, and I'm changing the increases and decreases so they don't look so weird. I'm also going to make it with more of me and less of Barney in it. Exactly which of the "me" variations I haven't decided yet but I'll let you know as soon as I do.

I'm thrilled Fall is here, it's been sweater weather for a couple of weeks now. Love it.


  1. What you can do with your grey cells! What do you do with the prototypes?

  2. Very cute. Looks complicated, but I love the style!

  3. I love it! It reminds me of the book I own, Woolly Thoughts. Do you have it? You should check it out if not!
    And can we see your other prototypes? PLEASE? :)

  4. You do some good churning of the grey matter! Can't wait to see what V2 looks like.

  5. Oh! I love it!
    How do you do it?!?!

    That is a very cool sweater! I can picture one of my friends in it..she would look super cute (no...I mean super chic!)....meee...well, I have to remove some winter weight first :-P what do you mean it's not winter yet?